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Located within the main indoor stadium, the kiosk operates during operating hours and is the perfect place to grab a quick, tasty snack or beverage.

Current menu items available at the GRSC Kiosk.

Regular Menu

Dim Sims
Fried or Steamed
Potato Cake
Sweet Treat
Banana Bread, Cake, Cookie
Toasted Sandwich
Various options
Hot Chips
Gravy $1.00 extra
Hot Drinks
Coffee, Chai, Hot Chocolate. Almond/Soy Milk 50c extra. Tea $3.00.
Popcorn Chicken
Chicken Nuggets & Chips

Combo Deals

Small Popcorn and Coke
Hot Drink and Treat
Hot Drink and Toastie
Large Popcorn and Coke

special events menu

These items are available only during special events or major tournaments.

No items found.